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Addicted to Enrique!!http://www.youtube.com/user/elyanyha My youtube page dedicated to Enrique!!!!!!

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If I had one single wish

Id go back to the moment I kissed

You goodbye no matter how hard I tried

I can't live without you in my life

Maybe you'll say you still want me

Maybe you'll say that you don't

Maybe we said it was over

Baby I can't let you go

I walk around to understand

Where we went wrong and I can't pretend

It wasn't me, it wasn't you

But I'm convinced we gave up too… Continue

Posted on June 30, 2010 at 1:21am — 2 Comments


Posted on June 30, 2010 at 1:14am

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At 8:18am on February 26, 2012, JenE said…

Thanks Elena...I love that song too, Tres Palabras.....so pretty...so many favourites :)  

At 1:18pm on February 2, 2012, Vivi` Iglesias said…

Hi Elena,

Yes, on February 6th I give my first exam ever and on February 25th my last one :) Thanks for wishing me Good Luck, `cuz I`ll need it :)

I totally agree with what you told me about Anna pregnant.... I don`t think so that she`s pregnant, it can be everything but not pregnant!! I`ll believe just if Enrique says and clarrifies it :) Well, he`s not old but he`s not young at our age too :( He`s in the time to have kids if he wants to, but if he doesn`t want to better for us hehe ;)

I`ll confess you something: every time that I see kinds of topics of Anna pregnant I feel like crying I can`t imagine Enrique father, he won`t be the same free guy that we know and we love :( He`ll be a father, he`ll have lots of responsibilities for his kid!!! :( Less concerts, less songs.... :(( But he has to do whatever he wants to, if he wants to be a father and to stop his career I`ll respect it, apart the fact that will break my heart to hear that :'( If you are a real fan, you have to respect the person that you love, even if you don`t agree, that`s what we call love :)

Anyway, I know about Molly, poor girl she passed away after that she met Enrique :( That`s so sad and I know that it was on Behind The Music, but there is the whole video on youtube when Enrique sings Ring My Bells to her :) So sweet :) Well she died but at least she took with her a great memory before to pass away, don`t you think so?? :)

I want the same too before to die hehe ;) But really, I don`t want to pass away without meeting him, I would be so sad and I would say why I couldn`t be happy in my life?? :((((

And I have sent you the embarassing pic of Enrique`s parents in your inbox, I can`t here, `cuz it`s too embarassing :$ But the message of the pic is so real if you read it ;)

Watch it and tell me: isn`t it so embarassing?? :$



Vivi xx

At 11:54am on January 28, 2012, Aida Samie said…

Hi my Dearest Elena ,

I`m extremely sorry for writing you so so and so late :((  

How are you?, miss you so much..i`ve been MIA for the

last few weeks!  it was a pretty busy month with lots of

studying...i just finished my exams:), i studied part time

while working and spent a lot of my spare time in the library!

Elena,thanks so much for your kind and loving thoughts

always...you give me more credit than i`m deserving !

i`m truly lucky that God sent me your way..I will always be

so grateful..i have only one sister (like you). i have always

wanted to be close to my Sis but sadly we`ve never been,

i wish i could make it magically happen! ....i know i cant,

i`ve tried for many years! now i`m happy that i have you as

my sister, all beauty and love!   Elena, i will graduate at the

beginning of July and am planning to do a Master`sdegree in

Chemical engineering but the expenses are heavy and i don`t

want to put financial pressure on my family ,so i`ve been

working since last year,i was a trainee engineer in a factory,

cause they accepted my work ,i`ve become an employee.

it`s not well paid but i`m able to save money :)

and also i`m doing my best for the Scholarship !

i saw your new videos , Superb! You have definitely done 

a great job!!how talented you are !you can post the videos

on the Forum. Elena, What`s new with you ? hows life going

on ? ...i`ll try my best to come here regularly.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch..kisses ..Kisses...Aida

PS: Check it out ! ...hope you like it !

At 1:09pm on January 24, 2012, Vivi` Iglesias said…


At 1:06pm on January 24, 2012, Vivi` Iglesias said…

Hey Elena, I`m fine thanks and you? :) Firstly I`m sorry for my late reply but I`m preety busy these days with the University, today we just finished our lessons but on February 6 we have exams, so I have to learn :S Anyway I saw Ines` topic with the pics of Anna "pregnant" and I can tell that in some pics (like the one that you sent me) she looks really pregnant but in other ones no!!! You know that though? I don`t think so she`s pregnant, `cuz these rumours have been discussed from almost 4 years from now and they were lies, so I don`t believe them :) I`ll believe it just if Enrique will tell it, `cuz he refused these rumours many times, so I wish he did it again!!! :) He told though in some interviews that he wants to have kids but not now, `cuz by the way he wants to dedicate his time in his carrer and he considers himself still young enough!!! :) So I think that the right moment that Enrique becomes father will delay a bit more.... :)) But yes, I think that he really loves kids, on Behind The Music he said that he really loves them (where he brought 2 kids on stage), you remember that? :D


Take care,

Vivi xxx

At 12:51pm on December 28, 2011, Vivi` Iglesias said…

Hey Elena, tomorrow I`ll leave to Italy :) This is the last message for 2011 that I`m sending you, I`ll reply you back in 2012 :) I`ll try to come online from my auntie`s pc but I don`t think so that I`ll come for a long time since I`ll be out of home all the time plus Internet on my cell.phone doesn`t work in Italy :( Thanks for your New Year`s wishes, I also with you the same, may all your wishes come true and I wish you peace, love, health and hapiness and Enrique in Romania this year since you have never seen him :) You know what? I really hope for me that 2012 will be a great year, better than 2011, `cuz 2011 was really a nightmare for me, when I`ll come back I`ll tell you why, `cuz I don`t have so much time left now..... :S Anyway, I also wanna tell you that I bought Enrique`s album Greatest Hits and I have listened to it, I have also looked at the booklet :) It`s an amazing album, love it :) Do you have it too? :) My best wishes for you for 2012, I`ll reply you back on January 10th when I`ll come back :) I have also added a topic about that, check the forum and reply if you want :)

Take care,

Vivi xxx

At 4:12am on December 27, 2011, Aida Samie said…

  Hi My Dearest Elena ,

Hope you're enjoying Christmas with your family!

Just a quick note to let you know I'm thinking about you

and thank you so  much for being such a terrific friend,

encouraging and inspiring me always with your kind words.

My best wishes and prayers of gratitude are always with

you...May God take care of you and your family and all

those who are dear to you , especially your dear Mom...

         Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!

               .... I`ll write to you again soon ... Big Hugs .... Aida

At 11:12am on December 21, 2011, Vivi` Iglesias said…

Hey :)

Sure, University is very different from high-school, you have to study for 4 hours and you have to give exams at the end of the semestry... there are 8 semestries in the University that I`m going (4 years)!!! But I like very much what I`m studying, it was my first choice ever :) I have made the Christmas tree on December 9th I think so, I think my mum was such in a rush to make it and that was so annoying from her part.... :S Anyway, I will also stay with my family on Christmas and on the 29th September I`ll go with my family to Italy to my auntie`s house to have New Year`s Eve there :D My auntie invited us there in her home to have New Years Eve together and after 2012 comes we`ll go everybody to a night-club to dance :DDD It will be amazing I know, just imagine if they`ll put Enrique`s songs there, Oh My God!!!! I`ll go nuts hehehehe :DD But before going I`ll go with my friend to the mall of Athens to buy Enrique`s disc Greatest Hits, I was so stupid for not to buy it when it first came up :(( I`ll buy it now though ;) Sure, I`ll send you  the songs but I have to search them in my list, `cuz I have to hear them from a long time, so I`ll search where I have them and I`ll send you then ;) Do you like the new song with DEV? You also wanna the remix to send you? :)

Oh, I don`t have time these days to check your channel on youtube, I`ll do it after Christmas maybe, `cuz now I`m busy with Christmas plans, sorry, I`ll check it when I come back from Italy maybe :)

And thanks for the pic, too cute :)

I`ll send you the songs A.S.A.P. :)))


Vivi xxx

At 3:27pm on December 16, 2011, Olivia said…

Hey. Thanks for accepting my invite

At 11:21am on December 16, 2011, Vivi` Iglesias said…

Hey Elena,

I`m glad to hear that you`re back in Enrique`s world, how are you? :) I`m fine but busy with the University :S This year is my first one in the University and there is learning at the University :S But I`m here too, I don`t wanna lose my contacts from here :) What about you? Any Christmas plans? :)


Vivi xxx


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