Self-Defeating Behavior and Self-Sabotage

Defeat ED From Home  Teens who are bullied usually develop negative self-beliefs. Most bullies are insecure; therefore, it makes them feel better to bully others. However, bullies are often bullied. They lash out at others to mask their pain. It's a vicious cycle until someone breaks it. Teens can improve their negative self-beliefs they may have developed due to bullying. With love, support, and understanding, they can move past the negativity and learn from it. Who knows, they could help their peers improve their self-esteem because of their experience.

Realize that bullies are insecure. How successful are bullies? Do they have millions and millions of dollars? Do they have friends that actually like them for them or do their friends like them because they fear them? It's usually the latter. Most bullies are insecure and lash out at others because it makes them feel better. Of course, they could be jealous of you because you have great friends and parents that love you. Envy and jealously can make others act out and do things they may not have done before.

Stop listening to others. Stop listening to people who put you down. How successful are they? How great is their life? There's a saying, "People who live in glass houses ought not cast stones." Translation, if your life, body, or relationships aren't great, you shouldn't put others down because theirs aren't. Stay on your side of the street and focus on changing yourself -- don't worry about anyone else.

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