On stage, Enrique is so confident. He's a man's man. The women swoon.

And when we get glimpses behind the stage, he seems to really be genuine. The long-time girlfriend. His love of boating.

He's genuine.

But sometimes he shows a very conflicted side of himself in his music videos. In "Heart Attack" he's right there on the edge of that bridge. Is he on the verge of suicide? Is he just out for a walk?

In "Addicted" he's so desperate. On the edge of going crazy.

And while this makes for good videos, you have to wonder if there is a side of Enrique that is just begging to get out. Is he truly this vulnerable at times?

I know the rest of us are. And perhaps we wouldn't really want to know.

For now, he is our hero. And will always be.

What is your favorite Enrique video?

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