In other news and Bugfixes about runescape update

A second confirmation has been added when trading in a Fire Cape for Tokkul.

The option to trade with other players has been removed whilst in duels. This is to prevent recent scams.

The number of teleport scrolls dropped by Zulrah has been increased from 1 to 4.Runescape gold gives you freedom, enables you to continue your experience and enjoy new adventures in new realms of unexplored worlds.Buy rs 07 gold at cheap prices at IGVault!

Right-click travel options have been added to the Dwarven Ferryman and the Dwarven Boatman in Keldagrim.

Eluned has been given a right-click option for recharging teleport crystals.

Added the option to never see the confirmation message again when accessing the Monkey Madness II Crash Site.


A missing full stop has been added to the message given when a cannon decays.

Failing a standard pickpocket roll will no longer cause the NPC to be temporarily unavailable for other players to click.

Void equipment has been added to the relevant skillguides.

Fixed some incorrect spelling in dialogue with Solztun.

Fixed some incorrect spelling in dialogue with King Bolren.

Fixed some incorrect spelling on the Ring of Wealth teleports.

Corrected some dialogue that incorrectly referred to Lady Piscarilius as a male.

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