How does gaining XP work in Deadman Autumn Season?

There is a rebuild mechanic in the form of a 50x XP multiplier for regaining any lost XP (If i previously had 1 million Agility XP and I lose XP because of a death, I will earn Agility XP at a rate of 50x until I again reach 1 million XP).If you need 
runescape cheap gold for your lucky game,you would be remindered the OGPAL,24/7 online service,safe sale process,100% clients satisfaction.There is a cap of 1 million combat XP gained per day. Each day resets/begins at 00: 00 UTC. This is shared across all combat stats: Attack/Strength (averaged), Defence, Ranged, and Magic. XP rewards from quest completion do not contribute towards this cap.

This stacks cumulatively. e. g. if a player hadn't earned any combat XP by day 6 there would be the capacity to earn 6 million combat XP.If you gained 300k Defence XP you would then have the capacity to earn only 700k XP in another stat.
Attack and Strength are averaged; gaining 400k Attack XP and 300k Strength XP would count for 350k XP gained according to the cap, and would allow for another 650k XP to be gained before capping.XP gained from the rebuild XP rates (detailed above) is exempt from the daily cap.
Can i protect my XP or items?
The NPC Gelin, found in Lumbridge graveyard, will continue to insure your HP level.
5 skills can be protected: 2 combat and 3 non-combat skills; access the death interface within the equipment tab to protect your skills.You can protect up to 10 items by placing them within your safety deposit box.

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