Improvements needed Fut16coin think to make Fifa 16 career mode more enjoyable -

- Youth - EA have to add youth teams to Fifa 16 U21 domestic leagues, continental tournaments and national competitions aswell as monthly updates from a youth manager telling you who is on form, who is not quality enough, who is developing well and ultimately who deserves to be promoted. Another nice feature would be to be able to offer trials to lower league young players and offer them contracts for the U21 team.

- Media - On Fifa 16 I think the media stories need to be improved like more updates from other leagues, For example: 'Alexander Lacazette hits top form for Marseille' or 'Real Madrid fans question Bale quality'. Aswell as pre match/post match press conferences.

- National Teams - More national teams like: Ukraine and Japan. Also more national teams that you might not be able to play with but still appear in Qualification group games to make it more fun. On form players to be given shock call ups like Jaime Vardy being called up for England.

- Pre season and training - Pre season could be made more fun by adding more substitutes, Pre season tournaments and tours to parts of the world like America or Asia

- More Leagues - More leagues should be added like the full Ukranian League and Spanish/German 3rd Divisions. Aswell as more South American teams so the Copa Libertadores and Concaf Champions League can be added and make it as fun as a European save. This could also be added for Africa and Asia. Potentially English Conference could be added and Qatari League?

- Transfers - No more scripted Transfers. More transfers like Real Madrid signing four of five players instead of none (especially in summer). If a team has a tough season like Manchester United did them they spend 150-200 (Fifa 16 coins pc) million the following summer. Transfers cost more like Aguero to Real would cost more than 40 million. Loan windows added. Clubs loan more players out to gain experience potentially to affiliated clubs eg. Chelsea and Vitesse. If a team is struggling financially it loans out some top players to help with Financial Fair Play eg. Falcao to Man Utd. If players cost more then transfer budgets increased.

- Player Growth - Players stats and overall improve drastically if they have a good season eg. Harry Kane scoring 31 goals could grow 5-6 ratings. On the flip side players overall decreases if he/she has a poor form. Young players have higher potential and grow quickly
- Team Growth - Teams can grow if they have a good season or have a financial injection for example: Watford finish 8th first season get a financial injection and in 2018 qualify for Champions League. Also teams could perform below their expectations and have things going on behind the scenes and end up being relegated a few seasons in.

- Licenses - other big leagues and big competitions licensed aswell as bpl

- Live coverage - A highlights show like Match Of The Day on every Monday after a footballing weekend. Also being able to watch live highlights of big cup finals which you are not in and being able to watch highlights of your previous matches

- Awards - Monthly player of the month, young player of the month and goal of the month. Able to vote for your players of the season etc. Aswell as a Ballon d'or

- Seasons - Be able to play after the 15th season into maybe your 30th season

- Other League Stats - Be able to see top scorer, assists, yellow cards etc charts for other leagues and save history for all clubs.

- Players - Players to have a testimonial, and potentially go on and manage a club.

- Sack Race - Managerial sackings to be added

- Online Career Mode - Would make it more appealing.

- Youth players stats to be based on position. No 30 pace wingers or 4.9ft goalies

- Manager appearance - Customise your manager.

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