Enrique: I won't work for other teams, Suarez contributes more than goals


Barcelona coach Enrique attended the press conference before Seville's La liga. Speaking of which teams need more points when the problem, Enrique said: "I think the situation is similar. The state may have good and bad, but they need the points needed to win. We are ready for the game, but we know it will be very difficult."

For the current state of Iniesta, Enrique pointed out: can use all the players, for us is very critical. Andres was particularly bad in his last two injuries. We want to make sure that every player is at his best, and now he's at his best, and in training, you can see that he's a good player. It is a guarantee for the team to be able to use him again."
Enrique and Zidane declined to comment on the value of Real Madrid, and said: "I have nothing to say. I'm not used to wasting time on such things."
Enrique praised Suarez: "his contribution far exceeds the goal. The great thing about this type of player is the ability to adapt to the needs of the team. His attitude is also very important to us. He not only played on the court, but also brought the team a competitive edge. He's a key player."

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Is Enrique going to rest after the end of the season? His answer is: "if you leave Barcelona and leave my home, I'm not going to another team. I'm tired, that's all. I don't want to go to another team."When it comes to Rakitic, Enrique pointed out: "this is a special player, has a lot of real leaders and stars have temperament, there are also individual performance, team spirit, which made him become one of the most playing time Barcelona players."

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