1V1 Tournament Bracket List Released

Unlike the other two OSRS PVP Tournament Brackets, the 1V1 Bracket is invitation-only. Now the list of this single bracket is out. Please take a look and find whether your favorite PKer is on the list. Actually some players are a little upset that Sparc Mac is not invited. In addition, don’t forget to buy rs 2007 gold cheap.Ogpal.com is a professional Runescape Gold seller offering cheap RS Gold. We only provide you with the best service.OGPAL offers the most exclusive pricing and the fastest delivery service available for Runescape players!

The list for OSRS 1V1 Tournament Bracket
All the names that will join in the single bracket are listed below, and please have a close look. In reality, they are not all popular streamers, and you can expect their fight on August 12, 2017. What’s more, there will be 32 players to participate in it.
WEST Bracket
1: Wiggled vs Sinceriously
2: Monni vs Mankedupmage
3: Money Loan (Flipper Gang) vs EoMeri
4: J o n vs Painless (Montana)
5: Shark 0wns vs 1013
6: Boom Saigon vs Swede Badass
7: Kkz (TBE) vs 55 (1yna)
8: Emotional vs Andre xD
EAST Bracket
9: King Barnes vs M4G3 (Metalic M4g3)
10: Celestica (Lugia) vs Bellatrix
11: Psych vs Dz (Sanzz0)
12: I Mmortallty (Oa) vs B0aty
13: Cybercancer "The Peoples Champion" (Filz) vs Barrison
14: unillilique (lolzorkont) vs EmoAkaKkz (Houdini)
15: Parb vs VD (Mama)
16: VGG441 (Milan) vs Dbolt
The PKer you like most
Some players predict Dbolt will be the final winner while some think Metallic M4g3 will be the best. On the contrary, some players are not optimistic about B0aty. If you do find the PKer you like most, you can enjoy his performance soon.Here at OGPAL.com you can buy Runescape Old School gold and get it delivered fast & securely within a few minutes 24/7. We have hundreds of millions of rs 07 gold for sale. Buying RS Old School gold has never been easier. Pay by sms, mobile, phone, bitcoin, paysafecard, credit card, prepaid card, PayPal, bank transfer, iDEAL and many other payment options.

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