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in this evil universe there is no place for happiness but just for ~SADNESS~ &there is no place for fun but just for ~TRAGEDY~.

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"I feel pain, I miss you a lot baby, I'm now under the enemys' attacks, I hope that you are in a good health and I hope that you are happy now, but maybe I can't see you again, so I will wait for you in the heaven. Care your self and never forget that there was a person loved you a lot. Bye". When she read it she cried, the tears were falling from her eyes like raindrops to the message so it became wet with tears" I can't see him a again? He is gone?" said that and then ran into her bedroom, took the pillow, held it and kept crying until she got tired and slept. After a while the bells were ringed so she waked up, her eyes were bloodshot and fall of tears. She opened the door and saw two soldiers carry her husband who was covered with blood. She ran to him, hugged him between her arms and backed cry "oh, I missed you a lot, you can't even know how very special you are, I was waiting for you, please baby say anything, why, why you don't talk ? because you don't love me now? I will cure your wounds and I will never let you feel pain, but just answer me" then she looked into a soldier and asked "What happened with him? Why he doesn't answer? Please tell me" then a tear fell down from the soldier's eye and said "he can't hear you because he is dead".

I feel pain from along time
I see nightmares every night
I look from the window but nothing outside
Please forgive me and let's stop this fight
Your moving away made my heart bleed
Please stay with me I need you in my side
Your standing with me makes me feel power in my veins

I really want to back as lovers
Because without you I disappear
I really want to see you again
Because without you I am afraid
I really want to kiss you one more time
Because without your kiss I will die
So you're always who I need to stay alive

I changed to be a wild animal can't feel anything
I still rage in that cage which you caged me in
I'm now crazy lost his mind and started scream from pain
I sometime walk alone in the street, cuz I don't know who am I
I am nothing if you are not here in my life
Oh baby come to me right now

I really want to back as lovers
Because without you I disappear
I really want to see you again
Because without you I am afraid
I really want to kiss you one more time
Because without your kiss I will die
So you're always who I need to stay alive

Oh what can I do to make you forgive me?
Are my life and my world enough for you?
Is my happiness enough to accept me in your life?
If I promised that I will never hurt you would you back me to your world?
Now I think I had nothing to say
So everything I want from you to back as lovers
I don't think that I asked for something wrong
So you should be back as my love for ever

I really want to back as lovers
Because without you I disappear
I really want to see you again
Because without you I am afraid
I really want to kiss you one more time
Because without your kiss I will die
So you're always who I need to stay alive

He was a boy about 16 years old, he was handsome, good man and polite, but the problem is that he is mute, so everyone in his world was degrading him, no one was taking care of his emotions so he was without friends and without hope. Everyday he gets up early, prepares himself and goes to school where everyone mocks at him, no one cares what he feels. The days passed, day after day until he fell in love with a girl in his class everything he wanted from her is to care to his emotions, so he decided to inform her about his love, when he ran to her to tell her about his love he remembered that he can't talk so he drew a heart on his breast as a sign to his love and when she saw him she was surprised and started laughing and laughing loudly, then she turned her back to him and went, she didn't know that she hurt him from the inside. At that night he still wake up watching the pure sky and shining stars he was thinking about her and created a poem the describe how much he loves her. When the morning came he felt happy, so as usual he prepared himself quickly and went to school with his poem. Everything he was thinking about is to see her happy after she reads his poem. For the first time in his life he was full of hope, he expected that she will say to him at least thank you for this nice poem or something like that. When he arrived the school, he saw her standing in front of the main door he felt bravery and self confidence he ran into her and gave her his poem but when she read the title of that poem "love poem to you" she got very angry so she tore it and said " are you crazy to even imagine that a beautiful girl like me will love someone mute like you? go away I don’t want to see you again" she broke his heart, she made him think that he is a mean young bay. After this words he couldn’t go to his class, the death was better to him than listening these words he started crying and went back his home. When he arrived his home he went to his bedroom, lied on the bed and started thinking he stayed in his bedroom for two days without eating ,without drinking ,without moving and even without doing any thing just thinking. After these two days he felt himself full of power, he wanted to take out his feelings, but what is the usefulness no one cares. One hour passed and he still thinking , suddenly he got up quickly from the bed, went out the house and started running into the sea he found the perfect solution for all his problems "it is that death". When he arrived the sea he jumped into it and stared swimming and when he saw himself far away from the beach he took a knife which was existing in his pocket and killed himself the pure blue water changed to be red, no not red, but dark red because his blood was full of spite and hatred to this world.

Don't go away, because I'm nothing without you
Don't leave me alone, because I'm dying without you
Don't go out my life, because I can't breath without you
I need you near my body and inside my heart
I need you in my life and inside my thoughts
And I need you everywhere in my world

So you are the miracle
The miracle which makes me feel alive
You are the love
The love which makes my heart beat
And you are the reason
The reason which I'm living for

I swear by my love to you
That you are the angel which shines my life
That you are the fairy which lights my way
And I swear the
You are who I loved, who I love and who I will always love
Oh baby you don't know how much
How much I need you near me at this time

So you are the miracle
The miracle which makes me feel alive
You are the love
The love which makes my heart beat
And you are the reason
The reason which I'm living for

After all this love which I gave you
At least you should say to me I love you
After saying that disappear from my life
And never let me see you again
I want one more thing from you
Please visit my tomb inside your heart

So you are the miracle
The miracle which makes me feel alive
You are the love
The love which makes my heart beat
And you are the reason
The reason which I'm living for

Chris and Marry were university students, they were in dentistry section but each one of them belongs to a poor family, so they were in need to work after the university continuance. Chris and Marry loved each other so much more than anything in this universe, their love started from the first look and it continued along many years after, from the secondary school to the high school and to the university study, so their love was growing more and more each day but unfortunately this love had to wait until the university study ends. After some years of love and sacrifice for collecting money, they finally finished and now they can get married and create the family which they always dreamed about. After the graduation , the dean of the dentistry section invited Marry to his office to tell her about a very important thing which will change Marry's life, any way she went to his office opened the door and sat then the dean started talking "I invited you only here because you are the first on the class, so I think you should go abroad to another country to complete your study there and then you will be back here as one of the greatest dentist in the country and after that you will have the job which every dentist dreams about, Now don't give your final answer, think very well, and now you can go your home and think. Bye". Marry got up and went out the office and instead of going her home, she went to Chris home to tell him exactly what the dean told her. She arrived Chris's home so he opened the door and let her get in. ~Chris:" What's wrong? Why is this surprised visit?"
~Marry:" IO want to tell you something "
~Chris:" Ok , no problem , what is that thing?"
~Marry:" I have to go abroad to complete my study, so we have to put off our marriage until I get back, I am really so sorry to tell you that but that exactly what the dean told me"
~Chris:" Oh baby I can't see you sad so if you want to go, you can do that from my side and after these years you will be back as a perfect dentist in the world at that moment IO will be very proud to have a wife like you"
~Marry:" But I need one more thing from you and I am very very shy to ask for it"
~Chris:" No don't be shy just ask and if I can do that thing for you I swear that I will do it"
~Marry:" Well I need a lot of money to go and back and have enough so I need you to lend me what you have and when I get back I will give you everything you gave me"
Then and without thinking Chris got up and brought a chest. He put the chest on the table and said:" This is all IO have you can take them and use them to do anything you want "
She started crying and crying her tears were sign of thank and happiness so she held him between her arms and kissed him after a week of preparations, Marry got ready to go so she went to the airport with Chris and there each one said his last words to the other because after some minutes they would never see each other before some years. None of them could imagine the life without the other. After awhile the bells were rung as the last warning for travelers to go to the airplane so she gave up the holding and went but when she was by the way to the airplane she heard Chris's voice so she turned to him and then she heard him saying " hey Marry never forget that there is some one loved you more than everything in the world even more than himself so always be happy and always remember me"
After listening that, she started crying and ran into the airplane. These moments were very hard for them both. Chris started counting the seconds, the minutes, the days , the weeks and the months without Marry. Every week he goes to the airplane to ask about the coming people in the next week airplanes because he wants to know when Marry gets back to wait her in the airport and to receive her. Chris was working as a dentist in a clinic which he rented, he was very good dentist so every one in his town loved him, anyway he wasn't happy because Marry is very far away from him and because of that Chris felt these some years as more than hundreds of years. Day after day, these some years passed and the waited moment came when Chris would meet Marry in the airport and then they would get married and made all their dreams true. Marry's airplane landed when Chris was waiting her to get out it, but when Marry got out it was the shocked because Marry was with another man. That man looked very rich and she was wearing the riches clothes but she looked very sad. After watching that he couldn't hold on so he ran to her and said "hey Marry welcome back, I was waiting for you all these years and now we can complete our life together" then she looked at him disdainfully and said" Who are you? I never saw you before, so please I feel tired and I don' want to talk with anyone, so please go away". Marry said that and started crying so her husband looked at her and wiped her tears and said" don't cry because you look stupid when you cry". Chris backed his home and he was broken hearted, he stayed in his home setting on his bed without doing any thing because he was shocked. At that nihjt the rain drops started falling heavily, suddenly when he was thinking about Marry the door was knocked, he got up and opened but he surprised when he saw Marry, she was wet and her eyes were full of tears "can I get in?, It's cold out side" Marry said. "of course you can, welcome you can count yourself at home, but please I want to know what happened, I really want to know the full story "Chris said. then Marry got in and sat on a chair near the fireplace and Chris covered her. Marry started telling him about everything" when I arrived to that country I got out the airplane and then I asked for a flat to rent, I found one and after tow days I found the university and I started studying there after registering in it, every thing was good until that bad day came" then she backed to cry "easy easy we can complete later, now you can sleep and in the morning you can go on" Chris said. Marry "no, no I will go on now, in that bad day I backed my home to find my self robbed, nothing was there in my house, they robbed everything, money and furniture, everything , everything , after that I didn't have the money to pay the rent so I left the flat and stayed in the street with no thing until that rich man saw me then he signed to his men to take me to his house and there I told him my story and then he told me that he could help me, he gave me the money and let me stay in his home but his condition was to marry him then I found myself in need to that and I accepted. He was terrible man and I never ever loved him. He works by suspicious jobs like smuggling. Now we are here for the last time, he made me come here with him to see my family for the last time then I will say good bye to them forever because I will never see them again". Chris "but why did you escape your house? just to tell me your story?". Marry " no, but because he hit me so hard when he asked me about that man in the airport who was you and I didn't answer him because if he knew you he would send his men to your house and then they would hurt you. Now I don't want to complete my life with him anyway but I want to complete my life with who I always loved, I mean with you". Then after listening that Chris got up quickly and ran into his bedroom and brought some things and put them in a bag, then he wrote a message to his parents who were sleeping t5o tell them about his leaving away and to say to them goodbye forever because they will never see each other anymore. He prepared everything, then he whispered in Marry's ear "we should go". Marry looked satisfied and went with him. They took the next train to escape but unfortunately a terrible accident happened and they both died.

~SAD~by Harris:
a guy walking with his frnd along the lonly road!!!!
therz a casual talk between them,,,they r smiling,,high 5z!!sooo happpy!!!and
a gang of girls walking behind of them is expecting one of the two boys to look back n see her!!!
its a long road,the girl is stilll watching the boy waiting for his eye to see her!!
was she mad??
nobody knows!??
,,,after 74 days!!that boy recieved a call frm da random was the only girl,,mad!!
,,they talked...relation was growing goood!!
the bad part of this story was the girl loved him soo much but the boy was not interested at all..for him they are just frnds!1\
Her cousin,she was so much sincere to that girl,talked to the boy that she loves u!but he ignored everything,!!
the girl end up the contact for a while!,her cell fone was not responding!.then after some days ,he recieved a letter written with her blood "I LOVE YOU"
.........he was anxious..surprised at her madness!
...then.....a big silence for some days,,,,,,
The boy recieved a phone call from the girl's cousin ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that she is dead....;(
shez gone!!
both the boy the girl's cousin were crying....a big silence of 15 minutes on call..what to speak??what to say now???
She told she was a heart patient!!! shes gone now forever!! :(

The sad happiness maker
In a small village by the a pleasant river, the people were living together and they were all happy except him. He was sad and alone, he was very mysterious no one knew anything about him where he slept or where ate and no one ever heard his voice he was always silent, but they was something unusual with him. That thing was that any one saw him felt happy very happy without any reason that means the misery which he was living with was a source of happiness for the people around him, this gift was sent by from the god through him to the people. One day and when everyone got up in the morning, they all felt sad very sad but why this sadness was no one knew, then they heard a young boy screaming "come down to the street there is someone dead here…" and then it was the surprise, that mysterious man was killed by someone. From that day the God damned that village because it killed that peaceful man who didn't do any bad thing rather who brought the happiness to it, so that from that day the troubles started. The rain became rare and the farming got very bad so that the produce got very little and it wasn't enough for the people, so that many people died. After some years of suffering, the next disaster came when a huge pandemic invaded the village and it took many spirits. Like that, trouble after another until the biggest one came. It was a very stormy night, the rain was heavy very much, so that the river started confuse then a very big wave crushed the block, covered the village, destroyed the construction and killed everyone. No one could escape the flood and they all died before the morning came.

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Comment by вυянαη υℓ нαq on October 31, 2011 at 12:11pm
love will always find a way
Comment by bemisaal on August 2, 2011 at 8:41am
Comment by bemisaal on August 2, 2011 at 8:41am
Comment by вυянαη υℓ нαq on September 14, 2010 at 11:34am
What is love?
Comment by bemisaal on August 30, 2010 at 9:33am
im hearing what you say.
but i just can,t make sound
you tell me that you need me
then go and cut me down,
but wait.
you tell me that you,re sorry
didn,t think i,d turn around,and say
that its too late to apologize
its too late,
i said its too late to apologize
its too late.

Comment by Sergio Lopez on August 22, 2010 at 6:50pm
Awww besmisaal the words on those pictures are strong but I'm stronger now
Comment by bemisaal on August 22, 2010 at 5:39pm

Comment by Sergio Lopez on August 18, 2010 at 8:33am
Love the pctures guys they hit pretty deep
Comment by bemisaal on August 18, 2010 at 7:52am

Comment by bemisaal on August 18, 2010 at 7:51am


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