My daughter, Bianca, and her mother will attend @enrique305 #SEXANDLOVETOUR concert in Sofia on 14 Dec.  She is 100% disabled, can not stand or walk, and must stay in her wheelchair.  We purchased the only tickets available but the concert managers will not answer our questions about her special needs. It will be a very sad event in her life is she is turned away from the door because of her disability.

I would be very grateful if someone involved in the concert management will be kind enough to make room for her in her wheelchair...but so far they have ignored our calls.

We are very happy to live in Yambol, Bulgaria, and Bianca will be thrilled if you might help her by retweeting our Tweets for trying to make her dream come true.



Tom Jannusch

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I'm just a fan, but I wanted to ask a question - which concert managers did you contact?

The concert producer for Bulgaria are Art BG. I talk to them once and they seem to be very nice and fast responding people. So I'm thinking that may be you haven't contacted the right person.

I communicate with them via their facebook page:

Hope this helps somehow.

Hi again,

I hate to take your time but I am grateful for your help.  Please forgive my several messages but please imagine that I am a desperate father who has a disabled daughter who will be more than heartbroken if she is turned away from the concert.  She has enough problems in her life already.

Thank you for the information about ArtBG.  I am not a Facebook member so I went to the ARTBG.ORG website and it appears as if their partner EVENTIM.BG is responsible for ticket sales.  We have been writing and calling EventIM with no success.  So, I just contacted ARTBG.ORG and we shall see what we shall see.

We have contacted the web site for EVENTIM.BG which appears to manage the tour locally and is responsible for ticket sales.  There is a special way to purchase tickets for wheelchairs on their web site but you must call their telephone number.  We have done that with no answers.  On 27 Nov we also sent an email to them but only received an automatic reply that they would contact us soon.  No reply...

Anyway, this is my problem but I am sincerely grateful for your help and advice.

Tom Jannusch

Eventim are just a ticket seller. 

Really, contact Art BG and ask them. 

I've been in Arena Armeec for other concerts and I can say that there is enough space to put a wheelchair and not bother anyone, especially on the balconies, where I think is the better place, because she will be high enough so that no one will bother her view. 

Good luck. :) 

You are the one who let us find someone who would take the time and effort to ensure Bianca got her seat.  Thank you from my heart.  You are an angel and you have helped to change Bianca's life in immeasurable ways.  Благодаря

I'm happy that Bianca had her seat at the concert. :)

There is no need to thank me. I've done nothing, but to type a name. :)

You were the one who make it happen.

Wish you all the best. :)

I will ask!! I do work with Artbg. We are official presenter of Atlantico Rum in Bulgaria and I hope I can manage this !!


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