why always our heart broken? why love cant complete till the end? why we always get hurt? why do we meet the right people is the wrong time? why when we laugh always followed by a tear? why we cant just be happy & comfort? why love is cursed?

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Comment by Sergio Lopez on June 10, 2010 at 4:28pm
Well today was a bad day :( my hopes just got step down, i toll Vivi that we had a good time laughs and smile on monday for a little bit with my soulmate(even knpw she doesnt think so) i did notice she was wearing and engagement ring so I ask her if she was engage and she no that it meant nothing she just didnt want to be be bother 9 so i tought thats a good thing) no body mess with her, so that same day i took lunch to her work at night but apperently asking to give a kiss on the cheek made her umcomfortable, she told me today so now she told me tha shes its engage and have a boyfriend :( Im so devasted it feel like
I want to die feel like theirs no need to live, i tought that everything was looking better and brighter why would she let me hugger the other night why did she dance with me, and now she say this to me why, why?

Comment by vijaylovesbujjii on June 10, 2010 at 2:06am
now I like u michelle............. this is meaning full now to this community.........
Comment by Sergio Lopez on June 7, 2010 at 10:03pm
Did yuo want to share Black Vampire? I know its difficult you can do it privately if you want, I do know of the pain that ur talking about it because im going trough it right now
Comment by Black Vampire on June 7, 2010 at 10:56am
what do u think about this
pain doesn't hurt when it's all you have ever felt
Comment by Black Vampire on June 7, 2010 at 10:55am
so nice group i really liked it alooooooot
Comment by Sergio Lopez on June 4, 2010 at 7:04am
Thank you Vivi I know you meant good but I can't understand what's wrong with me everyone keep telling me the same thing that it's going to be ok I just can see too understand it but keep me on your prayers and thanks evryone who's been listening it to me God bless you all
Comment by Sergio Lopez on June 3, 2010 at 10:06pm
Why do i feel so bad, sad and deppresed after i got to see her? I cant explain it :( God I believe in you but my faith has been weaken Im sorry Im sorry God
Comment by Sergio Lopez on June 3, 2010 at 7:36am
Thanks Vivi I'll keep giving her time but not sure if I can wait months the pain inside me it's to painful :-(
Comment by Sergio Lopez on June 2, 2010 at 4:41pm
Comment by Sergio Lopez on June 2, 2010 at 9:15am
Well something happen good last night I call it faith , after 3 weeks almost without seen her, I get a phone call at 11:41pm, (Kendra)hey watch you doing? You sleeping? Of course I say no lol hey my chain on my bike it's really losse(we boths drive sport bikes) so I ask can you make to my house slow? She says yeah I think so(she leaves 45minutes away from me now) so I guess she was concern not makeing it home I guess. Well 20 minutes she shows up and yes indeed the chain need it to be adjust well day hi start makeing small talk as I'm adjusting the chain finally finish in the garage so I invite her in to eat or drink something she say not hungry but I'll have a rockstar(she goes to school work and travel 3 hours bewten school work and her home) so she look tired so we start talking again about bikes horses( she rides and train horses also) no talk about our relationship we spoke at all, I guess I was able to control myself no tears no sadness no deppresion I was enjoying seen her right infront of me, well was getting late it was past 1:35am so she got up and start walking tour the door as she walking away I ask her if she could do me a favor she ask what is it? I say would you dance one song with me ( I never dance in mylife basaclly especially a romantic song) she agree to my surprise so I put quckly a sing by Cobbie bobliet (can't spell it) so I grab her hand got close to meand start dancing togehter I put my head on her shoulder she put her by my chest my other was caresing her hair and her other hand was touching my back and our right hand holding each other so we dance the entire song and at the end she stat pulling away before the other song got really start it, felt beautiful I wad surprise that I was able to content myself no tear at all I was like mr cool just enjoying the moment I guess so now she's to leave so we go outside by her bike I get close and she start huging me and saying good bye so I hug her back really hard lol didn't want to let go :-) so I ask her if she want it to go rideing Sunday as she's leaving she say what your bike it's not ready? I say I should be able to get it ready by Saturday so she say not sure because she's having probably people coming to visit and might go horse racing instead :-( and she fade into the streets and that was it.
Sorry for the long post but nobodys posting anyway
so what did you think am I getting my hopes up? Was just coincide that she need it my help ? Are my prayers beeing answer? Do I still have a chance to gain her heart and trust? Dies she still love but she's confuse?
Thanks to everyone who been supporting me and praying thank you God bless

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