Guys! This Thursday @ 1PM Miami time, I’ll be on YouTube replying back to your comments! Just leave yours under the #DUELEELCORAZON lyric video here: Speak soon!

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Great!! Thanks Enrique 

Great news!!!

DUELE EL CORAZON is a beautiful song!!!  Congrats guys!!!


I can't wait to see the video!!!!

Wow so happy. Is this going to be a live chat...........or will he reply on the comments posted?

Thank you for giving up your time Enrique..
Normally he replies under your comment hope that helps you?

Thanks, I wondered about that one too ! Mwuah !

Hildeke !

Greetings from Texas!!! I have been a fan since your first album dropped! Your music like you has evolved into something amazing and wonderful!  Thank you for taking the time to showing how much you appreciate your fans!!! And I'm loving Duele El Corazon!!!!


love you Enrique.. can't wait to have live chat with you..

Great!!! Thank you Enrique!! :))

Who got a reply?


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