If Enrique was performing a special concert just for you and you had to pick his set list what would your songs be?? Pick 12 songs and dont forget to add an encore!!

 Here are mine

1) Do you know

2) Escape

3) Be With You

5) Miss You

6) Taking Back My Love

7) Push

8) No Me Digas

9) Donde Estan

10) Maybe

11) I Like How It Feels

12) I Like It


Tonight I'm F**king You (explicit version only)

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  1. Taking Back My Love
  2.  Push
  3. i like it
  4. I Like How It Feels
  5. lloro por ti
  6. nunca te olvidare
  7. no me digas que no
  8. cuando me enamoro
  9. bailamos
  10. Don't You Forget About Me
  11. hero
  12. tired of being sorry  



I want to add one more song to my encore!!! Mouth to Mouth!

Oh, I didn't think to use songs that haven't been officially released, I may need to have two separate concerts if that's the case...hahaha   I would defintely add Mouth to Mouth too!!! 

May we also have to add an another song in our Encore??


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