Yesterday!Enrique Iglesias Takes His Dog On A Jet Ski Ride!


Seriously. Just how cute is this?!?

Enrique Iglesias had a great time yesterday in Miami Beach while jet skiing with his German Shepherd Lucas.

His team was nearby filming the good times, though we have to note, although it looked rather safe, next time please wear lifevests!

As for Lucas, he looks like he’s loving it! Like sticking his head out a car window… but on a jet ski!

On the plus side, the topless shots of Enrique are ah-may-zing!

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This is my favourit picture..look at Lucas face soo cute and having fun:))))
Enjoy as my eyes did! Enjoy That BODY!
Sweet!!! Thank u!!
He is showing

What kind of shooting?

Lucas & Enrique! I like it! :)

That is so cute, they both look like the are having an awsome time!

topless.... ahhhhhh very nice!!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!OMG!!!Enrique TOPLESS!!!!Wish I was Lucas!!!Seriously!!!:D

Lovely pictures!!!   Good to see Enrique having fun with Lucas : )


I would love to be there with them!!!!

Thanks for sharing BEAUTIFUL PICS...


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