UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS to Linda! She has won the meet and greet for the 9/20 Toronto show!

Toronto! Want to meet up on the #EnriquePitbullTour at Air Canada Centre on Sept. 19 OR 20?

Just take a picture of your tickets and post them to your social media with #EnriquePitbullTourToronto

Take a screenshot of your post and upload it to this forum!

One fan and their guest (two people total) will be selected to meet Enrique on the day of the show.

*tickets not included with prize… Get your tickets: CLICK HERE 

*Note: to post in the forum you will need to be a member of enriqueiglesias.com - Registration is easy and can be done here

You can upload your photo with a reply to this forum using this button.

We'll select from this forum the most creative and passionate fans who post. 

Best of luck.

Team EI

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Gotta add this! #EnriquePitbullTourToronto ;) oh well its added now :D

Gonna see u in Houston but i will go to San Antonio if i win
Pick me! Sept 19, 2014
#enriquepitbulltour #enriquepitbulltourtoronto #september19

Where is your post on social media?

Good luck

 photo image.jpg

Make my dream come true

I want a noche loca contigo

Can't wait for EnriquePitbullTourToronto !!! 

Enrique, you are such an amazing artist and person. It would be an honor to meet you. 

See you tomorrow ! ;)

Amazing opportunity!! You can be my Hero!!
 photo image-1.jpg
Here better pic!!!

Would be an amazing experience for me and my girlfriend.


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