Why isn't anyone talking about "Subeme la radio"?

Besides here, nobody seems to care that much.  The music site "alrt" doesn't even have a forum discussing the video like they usually do for his other songs, and I don't see any other forums discussing it either. 

Honestly, it's an alright song but the video was nice and happy, but sounds very similar to his last few songs. I prefer "Duele el corazon". What do you think of it?

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I don't consider 30million youtube views in a week "no one talking about it" and about the video I get what you mean with it being similar to past ones but I think it's as "happy" as the upbeat rhythm of the song, maybe we will get more dramatic videos in the future for other type of songs like we did with Heart Attack, very different from I'm A Freak and Turn The Night Up type of videos:)

I know the views are good, but I'm talking about forums. I love reading reviews and opinions on videos and am sad there aren't many,

Ole-ole-ole-ole! Enrique forward


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