Who elses dad(or family) doesn't like Enrique????? !LOL!

iM SOO sad... Im the only EI fan in the family.. and I not able to go to any of his concerts!!!! :(

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my WHOLE family hates enrique

they say that they used to like him but that i talk so much about him that they are tired of him and hate him now.. i try to control myself but they keep on hating him and comparing him with other artists. And though my mother doesnt want to admit it she loves him because she's the one who played enrique all day long when i was little and still goes to every concert

Yeah!!!!!!!!! i'm still trying to convince my mom to take me to his concert.. she says she doesnt want to hear Tonight Im f***** you... but im trying to convince her he wont sing that version... sooo wish me luck!
Samantha, I must warn you-----Enrique does sing the 'dirty' version in concert.....he may start offf with the clean version but ends it with the F word....lol!...the only time I have heard him sing JUST the clean version is when he is performing the song on a TV show, like Dancing With The Stars, or America's Got Talent, shows like that.
True, Kayna, but at the Jingle Ball he was just among the invited musical guests there. It wasnt actually HIS concert so he had to follow some guidelines as a performer among other groups. For his own tour, he is in control of everything, so that makes a difference. I have been to 3 of his LIVE concerts this year and trust me---he doesnt hold back on his language...lol!....call up any youtube video of any of his recent LIVE performances and you will hear and see what I mean.
I know how you feel, Kayna. You would be surprised how many others feel exactly like you do about bad language and drinking alcohol. I dont like using bad language either, but sometimes I find myself caught up in the middle of it when I hear other people use it. As far as drinking goes, I used to be married to an alcoholic and my so-called married life was very abusive. I will not go into it, but just like anything else, good things can turn bad when one abuses it or it becomes Addictive. Of course, Enrique is an addiction all by itself, lol, but it can be bad too when it causes someone to neglect their family or other major responsiblities. I like an occasional drink now and then, but I can also say 'no' to it. I dont let it control me. Its like gambling at the casinos, which we dont have here---it is fun, but it is no longer fun when you gamble all your money away and then some. In other words, when you are no longer in control of a situation or anything fun, then it becomes serious.

Kayna and Wanda, thank you both for sharing your personal experiences. 

Kanya, I think it is a credit to you that you that you chose to have an open mind and form your own opinion even though it may put you outside your comfort zone.

Wanda.."good things can turn bad when one abuses it' point very well mad. 





Yes.. and the jingle ball here in LA he sand the clean

Yeah.. My family says he's a pervert.. IM LIKE NO HE'S NOT!!! Ok... sometimes he makes tacky jokes here and there but they arent even that bad!!!! So I dont know what to do... My mom like Tarkan but in that case isnt he nasty too... Sooo i dont see why she just doesnt except Enrique fully....  She says "I dont want to hear that song and im old even less for you" So i really dont know what to do!!! My brother always teases me that i will never be able to go to an Enrique concert.. it just gets me soo mad when he does that... and he asked my mom when are you going to take Samantha to an Enrique concert she said "Never". I feel that its just a short 3 minute song... i mean its not that bad...

And i really want to make it to a euphoria tour...

Well he did at the O2 in London and everyone went wild!
Hu??? oh he sang tonight explict version???

 He starts off with the clean version, then he stops half way, in the sond , and   then he asks the audience

if they  like it dirty? and of course everybody cheers. whe he say tonight i'm f### you. 

My parents don't dislike him but they don't like him. Only because I never shut up about him. So my parents don't like my all time two favorite singers Selena Quintanilla-Perez and Enrique Iglesias because I never shut up about them. Also I am always listening to their music and watching videos of them.


But I don't care if they don't like them. I do and that's all that matters.


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