If shimmer and shine could grant you 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
1- Enrique Iglesias
2- Enrique Iglesias
3- Enrique Iglesias

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Marie-lune, tome 9 , je nage (presque) dans le bonheur, Vents d'Ouest, 10,50€
Bandes dessinées !
I love you

hope you luck :)


tenaga surya

I suppose that you noticed that I wish for 3 Enrique Iglesias and not 3 times! 

Because I can't have enough of Enrique! 

I wish I met Enrique when he was still a student! 

Wish me luck again for a time machine :-)

I wish to travel once with Enrique on his plane! 

I wish I could spend a day with Enrique, having fun and hanging out. I'd love to know him as a person and not just what he allows,us to see of him.


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