Just curious, I'm trying to learn Spanish so I've been listening to Enrique interviews in Spanish and my friend told me that he has a "weird French/American sounding accent" and that I shouldn't be influenced by his pronunciation. 

I told her that he's not French and that he's from Madrid/Miami, so he obviously speaks Spanish perfectly, but she disagreed and said he sounds like a non Spanish native speaker. 

In English and Spanish, what accent does he have?


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He speaks perfect Castilian which is the official spanish language in Spain.  When he speaks English he speaks it perfectly but has a slight Latin from Miami type accent.

Thank you. 

I'm studying Spanish from Enrique's songs...they are so wonderful.

He's Spanish is nice but when he speaks in English, I really need to listen. I spent a lot of time in NY and I speak a little different. :)


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