What happened first? Enrique Iglesias removing his mole or starting to date Anna Kournikova?

I'm just curious if Enrique removed his mole before or after starting to date Anna , his girlfriend.

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he removed his mole in March, 2003 and met Anna on the set of making the video to ESCAPE in December 2001.

LOL ! Yeah , It Proves It .. Hahahaha
I've Heard Anna Asked Him 2 Do So !
i thought the doctor said it could become cancerous if he wouldn't remove it, thought he said that some time ago, but am not sure :p
Yes, you are right, Nienke, Enrique did say that.
Really? That Makes Sense :) So I Was Totally Wrong ! But I Remember I Was Watching The Celeb News When I Was Much Younger & I've Heard That His Girlfriend Asked Him 2 Remove It ! But It Could Be A Rumor !
Anna was on Jimmy Fallon's show and they were laughing about how Enrique got a kick out of Jimmy always making fun of his mole.  She said he removed it because it was cancerous and had started bleeding and as soon as she said that Jimmy felt like a complete jerk. LOL  it was hilarious.
Anna came first:) 


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