I was just curious which Enrique songs you like best.  Tell me your favorite 15.  Mine are

1. I Like It

2. California Callin

3. Hero

4. Escape

5. Stay Here Tonight

6. Tonight (I'm Lovin' you)

7. I Like How It Feels

8. Dirty Dancer

9. Be Yourself

10. Addicted

11. Heartbeat

12. Ayer

13.Sweet Isabel

14. Tired of Being Sorry

15. Live It Up Tonight

in that order.

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lol, i know. all of his songs are so...

1. Tonight

2. Quizas

3. Contigo

4. Be With You

5. Bailamos

6. Lloro Por Ti

7. Donde estan corazon

8. Dile Que

9. Rhythm divine

10.  Taking Back My LOVE

11. Naked

12. Contigo

13.  Solo En ti

14. Héroe

15.  Para qué la vida

It's difficult to choose..
1.Be with you
2.why not me
3.say it
6.Para que la vida
7.I have always loved u
8.Somebody's me
9.Do You Know
10. Wish i was ur lover
11. Dile Que
12.I wil survive
13.California calin
14.The way you touch
15.I like how it feels

I know, all his song are beyond amazing.

Mine are has meaning for me

1.Could I Have this Kiss Foerever

2.Somebody Is Me

3.Cuando Me Enamoro

4. Lloro Por Ti

5.Do You Know

6.Ring my Bells

7.I Like How It Feels

8.Donde Estan Corazon

9. Push

10.I'm Tired Of Being Sorry

11.Why Not Me

12 Wish You Were Here Tonight

13. I Like It


15.Coming Home

1. i like it

2. tonight (I'm loving you)

3. be yourself

4. dirty dancer

5. takin' back my love

6. i like how it feels

7. be with you

8. one day at a time

9. tired of being sorry

10. somebody' s me

11. don' t turn off the lights

12. heartbeat

13. sweet isabel

14. escape

15. bambola crudele

my favorite are:

experiencia religiosa

i like how it feels


tu vacio



alguien como tu

be yourself

para de jugar


tres palabras

california callin

break me shake me

miss you


1. Sad Eyes

2. Esperanza

3. Break Me Shake Me

4. Trapecista

5. Donde Estas Corzon


7. Somebody's Me

8. Little Girl

9. Wish You Were Here With Me

10. Be Yourself

11. Coming Home

12. Dile Que

13. I Like How It Feels

14. Away

15. Sirena

----I love all his songs but I went to my Ipod to see which ones were the most played and I got this. Sad Eyes is played 250 times :O 

Ok I worked on it for I don't know how many hours!! You can't even imagine how many times I changed it! And I'm still not so sure about my chart! I did my best :P I love every single song by Enrique! 

  1. Tired Of Being Sorry
  2. Nunca Te Olvidare
  3. Ring My Bells
  4. Mentiroso
  5. Dile Que
  6. Tu Y Yo
  7. Tonight (I'm Lovin' you)
  8. Heartbeat
  9. Don't You Forget About Me
  10. Cuando Me Enamoro
  11. Little Girl
  12. Hero
  13. Donde Estan Corazon
  14. Lloro Por Ti
  15. Bailamos

Hahaha I changed it while I was writing too..... really it's so hard! 

Hmmm...I'd say...

1. I Like It

2. Escape

3. Live It Up Tonight

4. Baila Senorita

5. Hero

6. Heartbeat

7. Tonight(I'm Lovin' You)

8. Dirty Dancer(original and remix)

9. I Like How It Feels

10. Do You Know?

11. No Me Digas Que No(both versions)

12. Love To See You Cry

13. Ring My Bells

14. Push

15. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

1 I Like How It Feels

2 Do You Know

3 I Like It

4 Away

5 Hero

6 Be With You


8 Maybe

9 Don't Turn Off The Lights

10 Dirty Dancer

11 Stay Here Tonight

12 Taking Back My LOVE

13 The Way You Touch Me

14 Say It

15 Love 4 Fun

14 Push

15 Free







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