I was just curious which Enrique songs you like best.  Tell me your favorite 15.  Mine are

1. I Like It

2. California Callin

3. Hero

4. Escape

5. Stay Here Tonight

6. Tonight (I'm Lovin' you)

7. I Like How It Feels

8. Dirty Dancer

9. Be Yourself

10. Addicted

11. Heartbeat

12. Ayer

13.Sweet Isabel

14. Tired of Being Sorry

15. Live It Up Tonight

in that order.

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I love all of Enrique's songs but here is (maybe the most favorite): 

1. Do You Know

2. Away 

3. Somebody's Me

4. Coming Home

5. Lloro Por Ti

6. Experiencia Religiosa

7. I Like How It Feels

8. To Love A Woman

9. Dile Que

10. Ayer 

11. Donde Estan Corazon

12. Ring My Bells

13. Adicto

14. Heartbeat

15. Escape

I Like it doesn't make it!?!?!

It must be a mistake, because its in everybodys top 15. :)

It is not mistake... I love more these songs.. I like I Like It but it is not the best one for me :)

I Like It was the first song i heard from Enrique, maybe thats why i love it so much, it was the song that made me addicted to him.

I see... my first was Do You Know and I love Do You Know so much... and I have it like #1 so I understand you!! :)




3.Wish you were here (with me)

4.Al Despertar

5.Cuando Me Enamoro

6.No llores por mi


8.Somebody's me

9.Don't you forget about me





14.California Callin

15.Everything's gonna be alright

It's very hard to pick just 15!  I like them all......apart from Addicted; but here goes:-


1.  It Must be Love

2.  Alive

3.  Why Not Me

4.  Sad Eyes

5.  California Callin

6.  Break me Shake me

7.  I will Survive

8.  Gracias a ti (just discovered this song!)

9.  Tonight

10. Somebody's Me

11. Lloro por ti

12. Oyeme

13. Miss You

14. Ring My Bells

15. Esperanza .....and I would have love to have been rescued in this video LOL....



haha, i know. i started the list with 5, then changed it to 10, then to 15. i would love to change it to my top 30 but that probably would be a little too much.

Can we make it 16??  as I cannot believe I have left out Tu y yo....how could I have done this LOL...I love love love this song!!  So it is now officially Top 16  .........Enrique won't mind ha ha.

But 16 is just so... random. I wanted to put in Takin Back My Love but I couldn't 'kick out' any songs. I love To y yo too. 

Yes the list would go on and on; cause there are so many more that I like too. 

OMG It's so difficult...:(


1.You are my no. 1


3.Be with You

4. I Like How It Feels

5. I Like It

6. Escape

7. Somebody's Me

8. I Have Always Loved You

9. Heartbeat

10. Do you know

11. Could i've this kiss forever 

12. Addicted

13. No me digas ke no

14. Ring my bells 

15. Bailamos 


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