What are you listening to at the moment?!!! ( U can reply more than once )

I'm listening to "Alive" now ! I made a list involved Enrique's songs ;)
What about you?! Are you listening to Enrique?! If yes which song! If No who else?!

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yeah, tell me what you think once you have listened to it..

It's a song that grows on you; so you might not rate it the first time you hear it..
Oh Yeah , I totally like the song ....... It's really fantastic !
I've never heard of this girl , Is she famous?! The song is awesome ! Actually I just listened to it once , It seems like song is very good cuz usually it takes me more than one time listening to decide about a song .... ;)
Thanks 4 the link huni :)
I'm glad you like it!!

I had also never heard of her. So she doesn't seem to be famous as yet but soon will be with a voice like that.

It's a catchy little number that really grows and grows on you..
I remember I used to make fun of Eminem, but now that he's being played on the radio, I secretly like, really like them! I try to space out listening to Enrique, so every time he comes up on my iPod it's a great surprise!! Now I'm listening to this corny Korean band my friend showed me: SHINee! They're totally amazing!. Not as good as Enrique, though!
i'm listening to Why not me, i love this song sooooo much
yeah it is my favourite track from "Euphoria"......just love it.

oh i love that song. one of my all time favorites

I Listen Dirty Dancer ; Why Not Me ; I Like It ; Cuando Me Enamoro ..Love These Songs :X
yes , good choices ! I Love them all too ;)
Now it's "Not In Love" .............. Love the song & also the music video , Mawh <3<3<3
I like it is playing right now on my PC!
lol.. I'm listening to silence... as I'm very tired today...


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