What are you listening to at the moment?!!! ( U can reply more than once )

I'm listening to "Alive" now ! I made a list involved Enrique's songs ;)
What about you?! Are you listening to Enrique?! If yes which song! If No who else?!

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' i saw u in a club, u were dancing with somebody'..............One day at a time' luv this song and gotta be played loud! lol

i'm listening to'dirty dancer'

""kike fans go kikelesias with my enrique page on facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/KikeLesias if ur a true kike fan hit the page n share it""


love that song !!
Ayer :)
i listen i like it in DJ mixes.................
Now I need some old songs , I made my play list & this is "Be with U" at the moment ! :P
Okay, you caught me. I'm not listening to Enrique. I know, bad, right? I'm jammin to Adam Lambert's "Fever". It's such a fun song, I just can't help it!
Hands up !!!! LOL .... It doesn't matter if you're not listening to Kike , I'm not gonna arrest you LOL
Actually now I'm listening to "Not Afraid" by Eminem ;)
oh I love that Eminem song, it's great!!! I've been listening to a song called "When I am Alone" by an artist called Lissie. Had never heard of her before; but her voice is amazing.

Really good song, you should check it out.........
Here is the link for the Lissie song "When I am Alone" that I was telling you about:

Thank you huni , I'll listen to it right away :)


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