What are you listening to at the moment?!!! ( U can reply more than once )

I'm listening to "Alive" now ! I made a list involved Enrique's songs ;)
What about you?! Are you listening to Enrique?! If yes which song! If No who else?!

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why not me i ador this song
So do I , one of the best songs of Euphoria
meee tooo..:).my favorite one

""kike fans go kikelesias with my enrique page on facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/KikeLesias if ur a true kike fan hit the page n share it""

that whole album by akon is really gud :)
im listening to HEARTBEAT it is addictive ii tell ya
''u got me dreaming like a fool
that i cud steal ur heart awaayy'' :D
oh i love this song, i also listen to it ;)
yaa u r absolutely right.....it's a great song
I´m listening to ''One day at a time'' Akon & Enrique.
Yes Akon & Enrique....I´m crazy about this song.....''One day at a time''

I love that one too x

I´m listening to Ayer ! :)
I've been listening to "Be With You", "Bailamos", "One Day at a Time" and "I'm Coming Home".

My favourite track at the moment is "Why Not Me". It's the sound of his vocals on this track that I love.


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