Whoah! We're Going To Marbella
Whoah! We're Gonna Have A Party
Whoah! In The Mediterranean Sea
Whoah! With Enrique And Fernando
Whoah! What An Adventure It Will Be

Yes, we are going. That's las dos belgas me and Daniëlle and mi hijas Amany, Priscilla, Maaike and Laura. Isn't that amazing ? We have front row tickets in the middle of the stage. The best ever. I hope ! LOL ! I can't wait for it to be happening. Another great adventure with us all. To bad some of us can't be there but they are sure in our thoughts. It's sad they can't join but sometimes you just can't.

Well, I'm very happy cause I so need this. Away from home and just have a good time. And finally some summer ? Cause here it's still not warm. Brrr ! Anyone else going too ?

Hildeke !

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We, crazy?? Nah....;)



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