Whoah! We're Going To Marbella
Whoah! We're Gonna Have A Party
Whoah! In The Mediterranean Sea
Whoah! With Enrique And Fernando
Whoah! What An Adventure It Will Be

Yes, we are going. That's las dos belgas me and Daniëlle and mi hijas Amany, Priscilla, Maaike and Laura. Isn't that amazing ? We have front row tickets in the middle of the stage. The best ever. I hope ! LOL ! I can't wait for it to be happening. Another great adventure with us all. To bad some of us can't be there but they are sure in our thoughts. It's sad they can't join but sometimes you just can't.

Well, I'm very happy cause I so need this. Away from home and just have a good time. And finally some summer ? Cause here it's still not warm. Brrr ! Anyone else going too ?

Hildeke !

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Aww I'm so happy for you all!!! Enjoy it as much as possible! I wish I could go too... Hopefully next time! And take some pictures for us! Have some fun! :)) 

To bad mi hija. Would be awesome hu ? But there will come a next time for you for sure. Believe me :o). Mwuah !

Tu Madre !

Yes, I am sure about it! :)) ...And I'm going to Spain for a vacation this year, I can't wait to back there! 

Wow lol.. I only saw this info yesterday and you're already bought ticket ahahaha.. I'm still thinking.. but it's a good time to go to Spain for vacation.. so maybe I'll join, but it will be known later..

Well thanks to others we knew about this and immediatly booked our tickets. And then we were like : is this true ? But thank god it is. And indeed, it's a good time to go to Spain for a little vacation. Hehehe :o) ! Let me know ok if you are coming or not ?

Tu Madre !

Juan also wants to go ahahaha..))) we're crazy russian fans hehe

I think we are all crazy mi hija. And Juan too ? So long I heard from mi hijo. Would be awesome hu ?

Tu Madre !

Yes.. he's coming to Moscow's concert like other girls whom you saw in Madrid :))))

And what if we go both to Girona and then Marbella? I would like to visit  Barcelona and Girona as a historical places with lots of things to watch...but then I want' some relax on the beach..so it would be great to finish in Marbella.. and think of combining them both.. What do you think?

Just checked tickets and other things, it would be fun but Marbella will be in priority.. prices will be high in august.. 

Indeed mi hija, I only go to Marbella cause the two is just to expensive for me. What will you be doing ? And Juan ?

Tu Madre !

Hehehe, your first adventure with the Madre, her Hermanita and the other hijas for you hu ? I mean abroad. How exciting hu ?

Tu Madre !


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