We are very excited to announce that we will be updating the EnriqueIglesias.com this upcoming December 12th

We are very excited to announce that we will be updating the EnriqueIglesias.com this upcoming December 12th!


For those of you who have been members and are active on the site — we love and appreciate your participation and sharing moments with each other, and with Enrique.  We’ve listened to your suggestions and have been working closely with Facebook to provide an even better community experience on their platform.


Starting today, we are launching the official Enrique Iglesias Facebook group. It is a great platform that will allow us to provide a better experience for desktop + mobile for all participants. The group will also allow Enrique fans to connect more easily with each other, and with Enrique himself.  We will also be able to tackle spam in a timely and efficient manner!


We are asking all members of EnriqueIglesias.com save any photos, videos, or any content that you would like to save for your own archival purposes. The last date of access to content, profiles, and all data on EnriqueIglesias.com is planned for December 12th, 2018. Additional reminders will be sent out.


Meanwhile, come join us at the official Enrique Iglesias Facebook group, connect with other Enrique fans and let us know what you think. 


See you in the group!


-Team EI







Estamos muy emocionados de anunciar que actualizaremos EnriqueIglesias.com este 12 de diciembre!


Para todos aquellos que han sido miembros y están activos en el sitio – amamos y apreciamos su participación y que hayan compartido tantos momentos los unos con los otros y con Enrique. Hemos escuchado sus sugerencias y hemos estado trabajando de cerca con Facebook para ofrecerles una experiencia incluso mejor de comunidad en su plataforma.

Empezando por el día de hoy, lanzamos el Grupo Oficial de Enrique Iglesias en Facebook. Es una gran plataforma que nos permitirá darles una mejor experiencia en escritorio + móvil para todos los miembros. El grupo también va a permitir que los fans de Enrique conecten más fácil entre ellos y con el mismo Enrique. También podremos evitar el spam de una manera rápida y eficiente!


Les pedimos a todos los miembros de EnriqueIglesias.com que guarden todas las fotos, videos o cualquier contenido que les gustaría guardar para su propio gusto. El último día de acceso al contenido, perfiles y toda la información en EnriqueIglesias.com está planeado a ser el 12 de diciembre del 2018. Vamos a estar mandando recordatorios adicionales.

Mientras tanto, únanse en el Grupo Oficial de Enrique Iglesias en Facebook, conecten con otros fans de Enrique y déjenos saber que les parece.

Nos vemos en el grupo!

-Team EI

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Very exciting!! :) Can't wait to ses the "new" website.

The Facebook group is a great idea but the link doesn't work :/ ("This page doesn't exist")

Please try again now. Thanks!

Yes it works now, thank you :)

Does it mean this site will be closed forever???

Please No ways I have been for a long time here and can't think of leaving this place

Don't close EI.com it has a lot of memories here and I like the layout of it, get some freaking people that moderate it and clean it up, it's not that difficult. Enrique will loose a ton of  fans in a time when he is supposed to be putting a new album out, very stupid move!!!!

Mickey they said they are updating the site and to save whatever information you like as in videos photos etc.

I have read it correctly again and again.

If this site closes we are going to have a HEART ATTACK and ENRIQUE AND HIS TEAM WILL BE RESPONSIBLE..............LOL

I don't have a facebook account. I guess that means from next week on I'll be left out from everything...  

As far as I understood, they are updating the site and not closing it down. I personally think it is a great idea.

But they also say the last date of access to all data is on 12th December. To me this sounds like they're closing the site down then. But as I'm not an English native speaker, maybe I misunderstood it.

I hope so just updating it, we'll see....

Probably they will reconstruct the site and it may take few days /weeks

enriqueiglesias.com will still be available but we're giving it a whole new layout to give fans a different experience on here. If you have any special photos, videos, comments that you'd like to save from the forum, blogs and your personal profile we recommend doing it because it's likely that none of that data will be available after Dec. 12th - Thanks to everyone that has joined the facebook group so far! More surprises to come.


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