Watch ENRIQUE live in Concert Melbourne Australia "knocking on heavens door'

Enrique live at Rod Laver Arena Melbourne Australia Concert

Performs one of his  personal favourite songs "knocking on heavens door'.... and esp one of mine!



Thank you Enrique, you trully rocked here in Melbourne! Come back soon!!!!


 Anna xxx





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loved it!! Thanks for posting it.  BTW he looks H.O.T.T. in the leather coat. yummm


wow great! thanks for sharing :)

Thanks so much for posting... makes me feel like I am back there again.




He did look very hot in the leather jacket...

The leather jacket is of Enrique???

no he took it off the guy with the white long sleeve top!

Lucky for him!!!

Thanks :o))

Nomik. The leather jacket was not E's,. It was the guys that E brought up on stage who is sitting next to him in the white shirt. 


E just borrowed it for a bit.  :)



I see... thanks :o))

I never, ever want to hear that song in the original version anymore !!!!!

This is AMAZING !!!!!


THX Anna !

(is this one you made at the concert ??)

@ Tina, I loved it when GNR  released it  (big fan),  but Enrique has put the cherry on top!

yes it is from the concert i went to... 

I bet you had the time of your life !!

So, you are a GNR fan ??? I only have one of their CD's (don't even know which one !) But, I'm a big Bon Jovi fan !

Did you see GNR Live ?


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