Pictures of Enrique's smile please!

Thank you,

Lynn & Erica

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ohlalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa all those pictures sooooooo beautiful!! thank you all! it makes me smile and melt too;) ehhehehe:)
Enrique should promote toothpaste, maybe colgate or something ehehhehe, he has a wonderful smile!

Thanks all y'alls. I am kind of going through a crisis right now, so these really helped me relax. I'll add some later!
OMG Mrs,Iglesias !!! I agree I was just like oh wow so beautiful !!!!!!! Enrique should make an advertisement for at toothpaste or some thing like that !!!!! PLEASE ENRIQUE >>>> DO IT!!!!
yeaah tootpaste commercial !
aw would be great!
buy this tootpaste, for a smile like Enrique ! hehe.
uh i meant toothpaste. :p
aahahhah yes!! that would be sooooooooooooo great! do it enrique!! hhehehhe:P
he is sooooooooooooooooo charmig *sigh!


All Enrique's smiling photos. Enjoy!
We agree that he does have a great smile!

Lovely in pictures of him but so much better up close and in person!

Thank you,

Lynn & Erica
pic. wan lovly=)
he has such a lovely smile....I',m melting when I'm seeing him


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