haaa! I came up with this idea so new fans out there will get more info about Enrique.. Probably the senior fans will help..haa!
Ok.. This is the plan.. Let's see if it works...
First of all, we are gonna come up with a question and the next fan that reads the question, will answer back.. Has to be the right answer of course.. If u dont know the answer, dont type anything.. Let's see.. Haha!
For example;

fan 1: what's enrique sister's name?

Fan 2: chabeli.. 
When is enrique's sign?

Fan3: taurus
What...and so on 

Got it?? Hahaa! Let's see how it goes, it's more like a game.. Let's see how much we know about our enrique and how informative we are.. U can also ask questions like.. Where can find a video from enrique performing back in 1995? And u can add a video..

Ok! Let's see how it goes...




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I know he had stitches, but it is in the back of his ear but we can't see it, there might be a scar there

Aaaaaah what a discussion!! I prefer this Wikipedia! You had a good idea Ines!! :D and now I'm bumping it :D

My question: has "La Chica De Ayer" a music video?? I can't find it!! 

There is no video for this song, just from concerts!!!!

Yes like I thought! Thanks! It's a single without music video :) 

what a new notion !!!!!!!!!!

i really have known new more information about my fav singer <3

thanks for all :)

and i want to know,

why has Tony Bruno left Enrique's crew ?

i really miss him enrique's crew is needing to him again


Most killing Question :)

How much Enrique paid for Mole removing !!?

( he said in his interview the Price) so tell tell :)

Never seen this interview :S Can you add the video of it please?


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