Here's the link to the video of EL PERDEDOR.

I can only say: Wow, amazing. Another terrific video by Enrique. Classy. Lots of Enrique to watch.
What do you guys think?

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dont get me wrong,

but she is not running away from enrique or his love,( she just wants to be with him )

but she is crying and  run away for the difficult sittuation 

love and life is very hard for some ppl,

its not easy at all,to get to be together

and then they just have to let it happend to the destiny (faith)

no, she dont have a boyfrend,for real,

she just was only always waiting for enrique.

sometimes things cant be pushed,

in some  cases its just only needs time,luck,hope,destiny,and courage

Hi Trudie!  Long time! Great to see you back!  I've been on here daily just haven't commented much.  Looking forward to your input, your comments always cheer me up or crack me up which ever the case may be.

Loved the video, so Exquisite just like Enrique!  He does put a lot more emotion into his Spanish songs and videos. How can we resist such passion?!  I hate being sick but when it comes to Enrique Fever or Spanish Flu...bring it on!!! 

Wow, Veronica, so nice to hear that you haven't forgotten about me. And it's good to hear you always liked my input. Thank you!

Yes, I hate to be sick, but OMG I'd LOVE to suffer from this fever. And then the feverish dreams about these hot and beautiful eyes......

Of course I remember you! I miss those times when you, Tracey, Hildeke, June, and Sarah would be on here all the time. It was such fun! 

Last September 2013 I got to literally feel that fever!  My cousin and I went to Vegas to see him at both his concerts. The Friday concert was good but we didn't have the best view. Then on Sat, we saw that he had posted he was going to be at a club and we got there just in time to see him and his band members.  My cousin spotted him leaving the club and we quickly ran after him.  I was able to capture video of us following him less than two feet away!  I also got to rub his back for about 15 seconds!  The security guard noticed my hand on Enrique's back and that's when he pushed it off.  We followed him to his limo and I screamed, "Enrique I came from Kansas City to see you, I love you!"  Sunday we went to the 2nd concert and this time we were front row!  Before the concert started we got to say Hello to Gilmar, Andres and Fernando.  I gave Fernando a gift for Enrique and even took a picture of him holding it.  I also gave him a kiss on the cheek for being such a wonderful manager.  He assured me he would give my gift to Enrique!  Oh, I also got a pic with the new backup singer that replaced Laura. The experience was surreal and the fever will be everlasting! Can't wait to see him again this year!

Wowyou were lucky! I am praying he will come to Europe this year, and that the time and place will be right for me to go and see him.

And me too, I feel sorry those fun times here with all the ones you mention seem to be over. We're all busy and we don't seem to find the time. But I will try and be online more. That was so much fun, sometimes I found myself laughing out loud with all the funny crap we were posting.

Me too Trudie, I was lucky enough to be able to see him last August in Marbella.

Been saving hard since to see him again soooo hoping he's in Europe this year...

Jacqui, I saw him in Madrid almost two years ago. He was so close and I threw a gift onstage that he picked up. LOL I was so over the moon that I didn't see he thanked me. (I only noticed that later when I saw the moment on youtube).

Next time I will be more alert in real life. So let's all hope and pray he'll be at arm's length for each and everyone of us. OMG just think ........

Oh yes I remember you and Jennifer in Madrid. I couldnt go to Madrid, couldnt get time off work but made up for it in Marbella. It was fantastic, 3rd row it was amazing.

I cant wait to do it all again. Met some fantastic fans too, it was definitely a majical weekend, just need to do it again now!

YES!  Yes! yes!

This is the Enrique that I sexy.....also in Loco!

I don't like "I'm a Freak". BUT I do support him to express himself.

I do also like Heart Attack-  he really rocks in that song...reminds me of the old days he was rocking leather pants and he wasn't so skinny.

The song and the video are WINNERS!!!

I love it!  Beautiful, romantic, class.....  Great!


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