Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows if Enique will do a USA tour?  I am dying to see him!!  I have not heard anything about a USA tour!  I have not seen him since Oct. 3 2008.  It has been too long!!  :(  He was great, but I miss him!!!  WE NEED A US TOUR TOO!! 


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he had 5 dates in the US of which 4 were on the East Coast!!

Foxwoods, CT


Hard Rock Casino, FL

Atlantic City, NJ

Gibson Theater, LA


He also had 2 concerts in Canada... 


5 dates were def. not enough for the US!!!!



I know, and i live 4 hours away from NY and NJ, I just didn't want to go alone!!  :(  I know that is dumb, but I would have to get a hotel, stay alone and drive alone!  I want one here!!  ENRIQUE PLEASE DO USA TOUR!!!!

are you also in the Boston area??? I made it to CT & AC but didn't get good seats in NY so didn't make it to that one... I did see also him in JB in Lowell in Dec :) 

next time if you want to go to any EI concert in the area let me know we can car pool!! :) I always drag my bf to his concerts haha... 

ohh, i am sorry, but i an in the DC area!  That would have been cool.  But we can still meet up at the hotel!  :)
yeah! not too many dates for USA...i want more!...hehehe!
I've only seen him once here in Miami! Not fair
I heard that he will be back to the US for fall..anyone else know anything about that?? please share ; )
Yeah I've heard he is supposed to be announcing the second leg of the tour in April, hopefully with a lot of dates in the US, Salt Lake needs to be one of them.  I've heard this is supposed to be a huge tour, he just needed to do Europe in March and early April.
one can only hope!!  :)

I've never seen him because I live in Indiana :(

Maybe he would come to Chicago?

One can only hope!

Yes, I hope that you get to see him, he is great live!!!

YES, MORE DATES in the US - I will travel many miles to go to a show!


Please come back to the U.S. - More dates in the Northeast - PLEASE!!!!! I'm thinking Boston, NYC, Philly, AC, Connecticut somewhere etc..........


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