Any news on new UK Tour Dates please?  I see our Man is tottering around us in Europe so I am anticipating some good news soon!

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I have heard there's no plans at the moment to tour here!
Guess we got to wait until the new album is out.
He is touring the countries that Duele el corazon did well in to show his appreciation of all the support, unfortunately Duele el corazon didn't do very well here :-( shame though..

Ive decided to go for Santander show in Spain. He always does a better setlist in Spanish speaking countries and seems to play for a little longer too. I'm sure he will come over late 2017/early 18 to promote the album

I am going to Milan so cannot wait!
He stays on longer if the crowd are good,was told he stayed on stage in Prague for nearly 2 hours.:-)
How many other uk fans are travelling to see Enrique in May?
Have a fab time Kevos

Will do I cant wait. You will too, Milan is great. UK shows can often be shorter due to our stupid curfews and many of his songs not getting released here PLUS they always make it a fully seated show which kills the atmosphere.


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