Turn The Night Up (feat. B.O.B.) remix is out!!!

Check it out!!


I personally quite excited about the remixed version!

It's even much more radio friendly and energetic! It'll definitely help the radio pins and download ranks!

How do you guys think? 


Enrique previously kind of confirmed this remix ver. on the interview of "Saturday Night Online". It should become official shortly!

Check the interview video: http://www.saturdaynightonline.com/player/index.html?mid=23538623

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Honestly I don't like remixes and I am tired of collaboration too... I hope the album is not full of collaborations like Euphoria... I'd like to listen to some but not full album please!!! 

And after listening to this remix I am really happy that the original version is without B.O.B

That's only my opinion!

I agree with your point that I don't like lots of collaborations, through I like this remix.

The new album should have more solo songs!

Hi TheNomik-Noemi!

I quite agree with you with you my friend for all those REMIXES! 

"Turn The Night Up" already sounds like a first REMIX!!!

And Enrique doesn't need of as many collaborations... !?!  No Miley Cyrus and all these "Flavor of the Month"!

I want to hear HIM, his VOICE!!!

But I think that we will have good surprises on the new albums...  :)

ur kidding ?? 
b.o.b is one of those very few artists whose very first single and album both were No.#1 in USA
just listen to "nothin' on you" & "airplanes"

I don't like this remix either. I only want Enrique's voice on the song, but thanks for sharing for those who do love it.

Nice interview, thank you for sharing!
Baby, I like it!!!

It will be released as a single?and when?

Thank You for sharing! Love it! <3

love it

I like B.O.B but I prefer the original version!!!! 

I don't like it


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