i'v been thinking about this a long time,  i have an idea here and i need to know your opinion,

please friends, everybody has to draw Enrique or just try to draw him, (i know this sounds stupid lol but who knows?!! i'm pretty sure that it would be so much fun...

what we want here is not to draw Enrique as he is 100 % which is IMPOSSIBLE, but it's just for fun

and we're gonna see who will be able to be close to draw the real Enrique..!


if you wanna join, just draw him and send your drawings to :  brahim_beckham23@hotmail.com

you've got a week,then i will show the pics to the forum


good luck!


wait, what u think about this one? hahaha :D




Un fuerte abrazo!





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Ooooo :)
wow i love the photo,
i will see if i could draw him :D
just try ..
nice pic;)
I'm not good in drawing 'real persons' (I'm drawing a lot of manga etc.) but I'll try! :p
ok just try, i'm sure it would be so much fun
I think this is really great!! I just started sketching this year, and it's very difficult to sketch people....well I think so....why can't you have a bird contest, I'm good at drawing birds, LOL. Okay, I will try...... :)
ok, draw a bird with Enrique's face hahah
wow love your drawing!
i think i already drew him a year ago or something, but it wasn't quite good..
but i'll try :)
that wasn't my drawing, i just found it on google
wow!! that is one awesome drawing!! ii cnt draw ppl its just soo hard
just try, who knows!! i will accept every drawing, just draw a body and face ^^


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