Time to vote:) Would you rush the stage to touch Enrique Iglesias' assets? Vote in the CulturePoll

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I don't know but keep trying....i just voted again:)

wow lucky you!!

Votes 90%
                                A) Enrique's Assets Entice                             
Votes 9%
                                B) Rules are Rules                             

I would have done more damage than a prudish hug and a couple of kisses. I mean, have you seen that ass — er, those eyes?

Those railings are there for a reason, and those security guards have linebacker-esque statures. Enrique is best enjoyed from a distance, no matter how much he beckons

Dont think I need to say how I voted - But, I do draw a line on one part of his body - That's probably going a bit too far...lol  after all, he does have a partner at home!! : )


Jennifer xo

lol................votes are up to 91% now:)

 girl i know how you voted!!  the same as the rest of us!! ;))) F... those rules! what fool would say something like........ enrique is best enjoyed from a distance ?????????? what ????  are they crazy????

Ha, ha your so right Kimberly!..... I wonder if Enrique ever blushes??? : )


Jennifer xo

yes jen i know he blushes ive seen it many times in his videos !! but you can tell he loves every minute of all that attention!!

LMAO -- funny. I was thinking the same thing. ;)


92% but i still cant vote  :((

come on  guys  vote!! :))


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