Hoping Enrique really takes time now to fully recover, rest and recouperate at home, this endless touring is taking its toll on his health and voice... much as we LOVE to see and hear you on stage Enrique, you need a really well deserved, good rest  - get well soon!!

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I couldn´t agree more. Enrique, we love you, so please take good care of yourself! We can wait. Impatiently, yes, but we understand that health comes first.

Just curious, what kind of sickness does Enrique have? He's lost a lot of weight.

He has a throat/chest infection and these kinds of illness can knock anyone off their feet.
Have a well deserved rest Enrique and take care of you,your health is far more important to us than your endless touring.hugs Nikki xx

Yes, its been a bad throat infection, and the weight loss I'm guessing is over 3 years of touring and he doesn't stop on stage, gives 120% every time, hugs and kisses so many fans, different time zones and hotel after hotel..... he must be a little run down. He has a couple of months now to rest..... he needs to put his feet up, enjoy his lovely house and boat, Anna, Jack and Max..... take some time for himself :)

I hope he takes some time off. He has been really busy with the release of his songs and the US first leg tour.

Anyways I read the critics post about his recent concert. It is really sad that an artist is not appreciated in his home country.




I think there was a serious lack of communication on organizer´s part. Enrique´s concerts have always been around 90 minutes, the people who went to concert in Santander just didn´t know that. I don´t understand why didn´t they just have more artists.

He is always late, so nothing new about that either.

What is new, is that he didn´t play extra songs. He did the same in Helsinki and this was sad, because your applause is a way of telling your favourite artist "god, I love you performing" and him coming back to stage for extra songs and proper goodbye and good night a way to reply "you have been a good crowd!". So, Enrique, if you read it, then give us a chance to show our gratitude.

He doesn't always say goodbye normally it's thank you and the country he is in. Also he posted a video shortly after the show from his hotel room saying thank you to everyone etc etc. The crowd were not great unless you were a die hard fan you could not hear any screaming or adulation for him,if Enrique feels the crowd is awesome he will come back on. When the lights went down the crowd went silent but when they soon realised he wasn't going to return they booed him!
When he was on the b stage the crowd were screaming abuse at him so no wonder he didn't come back on.
Really hope his voice recovers and he has a well deserved rest!
Please Enrique please don't add any more dates you need to start thinking of your health.

It was a long time with too much "work". Concerts every second day.

Dear Enrique! Slow down and take your time! Enjoy the sea and your lovely dogs... I love your wonderful voice, your songs. Take care!

Besos XXX 

Hi is a winner. He was born to win. He has a mode of the winner's thinking who never gives up, no way! I admire this! Cuz if comparing with myself I'm not. I can try, but if I see nothing comes out, I feel broken and lost, despair makes me lose my energy.

He will be fine! I want him to feel good. Yesterday I went to a Cathedral and lighted candles. I prayed and tears were running down my cheeks. But I felt better then. I think I need to go there oftener.


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