Hey Guys!

This Sunday I'm answering some questions in the fan forum as a thanks for all of your support with 'DUELE EL CORAZON' and making it #1! Start submitting your questions now. I'll be pre-selecting some now and some later and answering as many of you as I can.

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Hi Enrique although I'm late wish you answer me!

How do you handle the pain you felt inside your heart?

Do you let your tears fell or you scream to let it go?

My heart hurts too!

Enriqueeeee!!! What an amazing concert last night in Belgrade! I really enjoyed listening to your music,especially song Ring my bells. Thanks for the show. We can't wait to see you when you visit again!
Six great Enrique and number one on your video clips I enjoyed it! Enrique the most grade pop star of the world and deserves to win more ! We love you Enrique all world !!!
Hello Enrique you can follow me on twitter ?
Enrique amor..amor..

Hola Enrique , wissem from algéria i love you thanks ,Why  song in all languages I hope that sings in Arabic ,And the name of the song Paradise.thanks


I hope you had an amazing birthday!!! I love you <3 

Pauline :)


What inspires you everyday? Me gusta su canción "Duele el corazón"!!! <3 

This place went so crazy a few years back...................hahaha


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