Post your picture in Instagram with a sign with the hashtag #WeCanFeelYourLoveEnrique & tag EnriqueigSpain

There is time until next Saturday July 22nd!!!

Send Enrique all our love and support for all those unfair and hard critics about his last concert in Santander, Spain

 #ProudToBeEnriquettes  #LoveYouToInfiniteEnriqueIglesias

Official Fans Club Solo Me Importas Tu Argentina



Subí tu foto en Instagram con un cartel el hashtag   #WeCanFeelYourLoveEnrique  y etiqueta a EnriqueigSpain

Hay tiempo hasta el 22/07!!

Enviemosle a Enrique todo nuestro amor y apoyo ante las injustas y duras criticas tras su show en Santander, España anoche

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I'm fan... your forum is nice!!! By the way I created my blog, come & visit you're all welcome


¡Hello FC Argentina!

I want to give my full support to Enrique for the Santander concert wich was awesome, with a spectacular set of lights and incredible sound. The stagnig, the musicians, everything was great.

All the people that we stayed there enjoyed very much from start to finish, singing and dancing all their songs.

Thank you so much Enrique for that amaizing, magical e inolvidable night.

Receive a big hug.



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