Long back this forum was so much of fun and now it seems almost dead. Fans come here only to bid for the Auction. I spent so much time on here and we had so much fun and laughs and tears too. It was the most frequent site that I visited.

A lot of fans have moved to Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which is sad.

We used to have the flood control on the forum and even the Most Members logged in for Enrique Birthday..............I miss the good old days.

Can we have some way to get this forum back together and liven a bit???

Please post your suggestions.



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As soon as you accept my friend request I can pm you, hurry up Iona I'm waiting!!!!

Where are you Iona, this place is dead, wtf happened?  Enrique's birthday is over and everyone is gone....

Mickey I was busy celebrating MY BIRTHDAY AT A SECRET VENUE

Guess who was called???.......My fav Bollywood Actor.............JOHN ABRAHAM.................hehehhee

Well Happy Birthday Iona I didn't know it was your birthday, hope you had a great one, I've been downloading a shit ton of music on Spotify, Igot all my Enrique albums and everything about 100 albums for only $10, pretty cheap if you ask me, have a wonderful birthday!!!!

Thanks for your wishes and indeed I had a great birthday.

Am glad that you got so much of music for only $10.

I play a lot of Enrique and my daughter tells me - Mum please play Subeme LA Radio..................She doesn't like MOVE TO MIAMI.........Neither did I like

So I'm still waiting for the email Iona, WTF why didn't everyone get them, is this just a select few, that doesn't seem fair to me, wonder what their doing??

Mickey don't worry those who got the email nothing great has happened..........ROTFLMAO

Well that makes me feel better, I just bought a 2017 Tour  shirt, in fact it's on it's way to me right now, I can't wait to see it...So what exactly does this email say send me a s creen shot in a pm I'm curious now.....

Wow great congratulations.

Yes, I've been talking a long time ago. There are many people, many topics.
Now almost nothing . :(

As an idea.. I don't know if it's possible here.. but for some website CMS you may reply using Facebook account.. We made it possible with my clients.. that's technical question to his IT-specialist..  but if to use it in ei.com site, fans from Facebook will return here.. 

If it's impossible to do here (is it still ning platform?), there should be a good mobile version of the site.. because now the forum works incorrect on mobile version (.. at least on Android phones there are bags.. You can't read all the messages in thread, only the first page.. bags with replies, and others.. the website shoud be upgraded knowing this... but if they will move to another platform it means that the old messages and threads and personal photos here will be gone..(

It is nice to see that some things are actually improving (auctions for instance, that now have an end).


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