Subeme La Radio is finally here!! Are you guys excited? I know we are! Make sure to let Enrique how much you love the track by mentioning him on social media using his handle @EnriqueIglesias! 

Stream/Purchase here:

Official music video

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Love the video!!!! Great to see the lovely fans having so much fun!!! Awesome song!!!!!! Thank you Enrique!!!! :)))

woow suuuper ♥ i love you ♥

Wonderful Enrique and his song! He's very athletic!

I love a song with a lot I do not understand what he says from algeria ♥

Ups. The first is GREAT as well
Both video and song are AMAZING !!! :-) Cuba was just the perfect place to shoot this, with those colorful houses and cars.
Giving you instant happiness despite the sad lyrics and the cuteness overload of these little kids dancing and Enrique dacing with that girl. :-)))

Enrique you're amazing .. Thank you so much for your awesome music ! Love ya !
YES! I am so excited! I love the song and the video! I love Enrique!
Enrique wish you the best, it's a great song, watch how that child was born and grows (Subeme La Radio), you have my admiration and support forever, greetings from the Czech Republic. listen Subeme La Rádio

   I bought in iTunes the song and videoclip. Very Happy. Its amazing, incredible will be the summer song.

Súbeme La Radio is soooooo good! It's so catchy I haven't stopped singing it since yesterday! Congratulations Enrique


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