“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss

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o yes! tru..

cute :)) wanna meet u enrique:))


So true! like when you pulled my son up on stage to sing with you! Can never thank you enough for that wonderful moment and now a cherished memory!  Gracias Enrique!  We love you!!!! 

This is so true ...:)

We value you Enrique!

 So true Enrique!! Great quote! :))

thats a very interesting quote and so true :) I believe we all have had special moments thats turned into precious memories we have tucked away. memories we save for quite time when we are alone, we can take them out and relive them....anyway enough of that what i want to know is why are you laying on that stage ? you look exausted! :( and btw thanks for sharing this soul searcher :)

OMG Enrique, what are you doing to us, sharing all these photos and observations?  The fever's rising! You're killing me!

Aww Enrique! Love the quote and love you! 

Yup, just like you don't know how important something is till it's gone. Enjoy life now, cherish later.

was just hours ago, i wanna go back...


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