Should Enrique keep little bitta beard as he keeps or he should have clean shave.??
What do you think shoots him the mosT.??

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Enrique Iglesias can you do a clean shave it look so hot and sexy just only for me
little bitta beard
really sexy
He looks goof with or without everything and anything will suits him He is amazing already he is perfect!

Enrique forever xxx
Beard or no beard both suits him.I think he is one of the people who shower everyday
he is really sexy when he has a little beard ;-)
Little bit of beard. NOT TO MUCH THOUGH!!!!! A little is okay. it's sexy.

I like him better clean cut just a mustache is good.  I like to see his face more.

Enrique you are very sexy and great looking, but I like to see your whole face without beard.  Sorry, I am old fashion. 


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