Scanned magazine photos of Enrique during his childhood?


Does anyone have any old magazines of Enrique as a child? He was featured in many magazines like  Hola, Gente, lecturas, semana, Diez Minutos etc In the 70's and 80's! 

If you do, would you be willing to scan or take photos of some of the photos? Always looking for "rare" childhood photos of Enrique! 

Thank you! 

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Oh I would love to see them as well ! Always nice to see him as a little kid ! Mwuah !

Hildeke !

Is this what you are talking about Chrissy305? I actually have this magazine and he is actually on the cover all by himself!

Wow thanks Wanda for sharing.

I would love to see his childhood photos too.

Yes that's exactly what I wanted! I love this photo!

Could you send photos of the photos from the article? :)

Thank you!

Thank you Wanda, and I would like also to see the article

Just bumping the topic to see if anyone has anything to add! :) 

I thought his mole was on the other side?

It is! The photo is flipped! :) 

Lol, thanks. I was confused for a second.


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