A new vision for the music video! 

Happy eyes never lie either 


Rapid Eye Movement is the sign of dreaming during the sleeping whether the dream is good or bad! 

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The future Carmen Iglesias is waiting for the bus to go to the church and marry Enrique Iglesias in the music video !

She could also go to the church riding a horse or on helicopter! 

And finally Carmen would wake up from her daydream in the middle of a math class by a question from the teacher! 


Sad eyes never lie

To be professional is to wear Snow White costume even if you don't like it! 

Yes, true.

If you say that something that someone does is professional, you approve of it because you think that it is of a very high standard.


Funny when random costumes are chosen :-)

Nobody is Sad ;-)

True, it is a good solution

Everybody needs the nightly REM, that is what hurts the most the insomniac, the lack of dreams! 

Sorry for disturbing your sleep during the morning! 

Para que la vida

Take a nap and daydream :-) about Carmen Iglesias that will never exist! 


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