Please click on the link to vote for "Finally Found you" on Z103.5 (Radio station) PLEASE!!!!!

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Thanks's getting there:)

you can vote more than once:) xoxo

Already doubled from this morning Great Job everyone!! Keep voting you can vote more than once :)

It's getting there Lora:)

Up Now17% from 7% this morning!! Come on keep voting pleaseeee!

now 18.29% let's go please !!!!!!

20%  VOTE!!!!!!! PLZ

voted!! and wth is this stupid gangnam style crap? i see it everywhere n its relly annoying the crap out of me,, finally found you should be number one instead of that crap! 

sorry guys,, jst had to let that out lol,, 

ohhh btw its 23 % now! <3 

I totally agree Falaq...Finally Found you should be #1...thanks so much for voting:)


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