Pitbull Confirms Upcoming Collaboration with Enrique Iglesias


Pitbull revealed to On Air with Ryan Seacrest: “Absolutely, we have a record coming out for his new album. I’m going to give you guys a little secret…what I call Enrique Iglesias. His name in Spanish, his last name, is churches. So, his name is Enrique Churches.” -

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Absolutely awesome! I can' wait to listen to that song, because I think "I like it" is enrique's best uptempo dance party track so far and it also features Pitbull. So I hope for another sound just like "I like it". Both are great fun together. They do party on stage and it is pure fun.


Well news about the single & album is sure leaking out now!! I don't want to think to much about everything that has been posted regarding the songs, it will spoil it for me - I will wait for Enrique to surprise us.. : ))


Fell free to share Enrique <3

Thanks for posting !

Pit,where have you been ? thats no secret,we know his name is church's Henry to be exact. thanks for posting...:))

Not to mention Pitbull even says Enrique Churches in "I Like How It Feels"...duh!  :)

you're wc Kimberly xD

Wc Alena :))

While I understand they're friends..do they really have to be featured every time in a collaboration each time one of them releases a new album..? I always thought Enrique wanted every new album he releases to sound fresh and different than the other one and from what I've been hearing about the new stuff now he's doing two things he also did on the previous one- a Pitbull collaboration and the lead single probably being a dance-oriented one..not sure if it will work out once again like it did three years ago..hopefully it does though..

Seriously...amazing!!  I hope you two also get back out on tour together!!!  YOU TWO ARE THE BEST CONCERT I'VE EVER BEEN TO...EVER.

Always the perfect collaboration! They're both unique,energetic, fun, & incredibly awesome! I love these two! & can't wait to see what they have in store for us! :)

I can't wait for another collaboration which makes everyone pumped


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