Hi guys
As you know Enrique asked Matt Terry 2016 uk X factor winner to sing on the English remix with sean paul.
It is a great track but it would be amazing if everyone including the uk fans could get behind this song and get the airplay it deserves and a great chart position.
Lets request it on radio stations,stream it on spotify.
Enrique hasn't had a hit here since 2014 so lets help him out let's share the link to the song on all our social media,Lets do this.
Thanks for reading this.

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Great Idea Nikki! :))

Even India is supporting the song has released here too.

It is fab how everyone is supporting this also it is doing so well here No.2 and really hoping it can reach no.1 as the last time Enrique had a number 1 single here was with Hero!

Yes I know its been a long long time.

Let's all go and support E so that he comes back to the UK soon and I can plan a visit.

I downloaded mine on I-tunes. It is gaining ground. Just keep the momentum going that Enrique gets his number 1. XO Kirsten 


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