I'm a very unhappy fan.  This is TWICE now that Enrique canceled on me.  I'm out a big chunk of money, too, as the air fare and hotel was nonrefundable.  I may end up going to Orlando anyhow even if all I do is look out the hotel window and swim in the pool.  lol

I can't say "thanks for the info, Laura" but I suppose it's better to know the bad news right away.

):  ):   ):


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Ow.. is it because of the hurricane?  The tickets should be refunded in such cases.. But of course you may go and enjoy the sun..

Yeah, they are saying they will refund tickets.  And since I was able to get a hotel refund (contrary to my first thought), I'll just eat the air fare.  No sense in spending more money than I absolutely must.  It just kills me that this is my second concert cancellation!  I do have a ticket for the show in Seatlle, though.  (Yes, I'm obsessed with the guy.  what can I do?)  If he cancels that, I won't be held responsible for my sanity!  lol

Why don't you change the flight to Miami and go see him there instead?

What show in Seattle? Lol I'm obsessed too....gosh I do feel so bad for you

Lynne, call the airline and they should hold your ticket for a year, I had to do this last year when I had to sell my ticket to Vegas and lost my job, they let me suspend it for ayear. in fact I just used it to go to Vegas, Southwest was really nice about it too, so try calling your airline for a suspension on the ticket, I know they won't refund it but you never know you might need to go somewhere in a year and can use it then.....in fact you can use it dollar for dollar against any other airfare, just ask your airline for the details and their policy on suspension....

Sad for you.  I hope you still the trip somehow.  Or make it to Miami instead.

Do you know why it was cancelled? You should still go and have a good time doing other things,,since you already paid for it!

Oh I see, it's for "logistical" reasons..... which means?

It was bad from the begining first wisin y yandel and now this? I think they should send the ppl from Orlando to Miami?

Probably the storm or political convention back up????and how can they double up tickets in Miami for compensation..??..


If you can not afford to loose your trip....and especially if your medical will not cover you while away..i beleive in travel insurance..you can buy pretty cheaply for travel medical coverage alone and coverage for your medical evacuation is usually what is not covered if you need to get back to your home for things and or sray and youre ins will not cover you.. and a bit more for a couple thousand dollar trip..insuremy trip.com for US folks is one option for reasarch and purchase.

I am truly sorry for those that will miss him.



Aaaaaaw i saw it also on twitter, i feel soo sorry for the people who wanted to go. Its like a nightmare for every fan.

wish the could get your money back! and i think its not possible to bring all those people to the show in miami cause that would be one overloaded arena.


well take care, hope they can do something for you guy's!


Hoooo No!

It's a very bad news!!!  I'm sad for you...


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